Indonesian wildlife fundraising Dinner

For years ‘Oko! Magazine’ and ‘Justice for Nature’ have been working together, raising awareness and money for their projects worldwide.

One of their projects is protecting and monitoring the Sumatra tiger in Indonesia, which is in great need of help. Due to the Covid crisis, the volunteering program has come to a halt due to the fact that the country is closed. Since then, poachers are in full force again and are pursuing capturing as many tigers as they can. The Sumatra Tiger is on the critically endangered list, and there are less than 400 remaining in the wild. Justice for Nature protects the whole unique ecosystem where tigers can live freely.

They work with the local community to change the way they think and educate the children who are the future .Because of the close link between the Netherlands and Indonesia, we decided to organize a fundraising food and cultural weekend on Saturday 16th of October.

The food will be traditional indonesian food. We will have music, and in our events space, Alenka is going to share information and details on the project and life in the forest. Saturday is an evening event.

We want to ask for your support in sending out invites, taking part and sharing information. The event aims to bring awareness, raise money, and search for long-term support and sponsoring.

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