Water Kefir Lemonade


Water Kefir Lemonade is a beverage fermented with kefir grains, filtered water and sugar then mixed with fruits, herbs and spices for the second fermentation. It is an excellent substitute for the unhealthy drinks out there due to its sweetness and bubbles.
For children, this drink can be a significant first step to start tasting fermented beverages and keeping their gut flora happy and in balance.

Water kefir has between 10 and 15 strains of good bacteria and good yeasts. Just like Kombucha, it has many health benefits, such as enhancing your Immun system. Water kefir, however, is not just a probiotic but also a prebiotic, promoting healthy gut health. Water kefir lemonade is dairy and vegan friendly.

We sell water kefir lemonade in various flavours and 500ml or 1L glass bottles on our E-shop.

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